Please be aware that our official listing policy addresses many common questions that you may have. For any other inquiries, please continue reading below for further information.


1. You're missing an MMO.
Our listing policy excludes P2W and retired MMOs (unless emulated), as well as games that are loosely or subtly categorized as MMORPGs. This includes MUDs, text-based MMOs, Mobas, Strats, browser-based MMOs, NFT MMOs, and other crypto-based MMOs. If you believe that we have unintentionally missed a game, please let us know. For further information and more detailed insights, we recommend referring to our official policy.

2. How do you define a P2W MMO?
Generally, a publisher that sells in-game items that give players a significant advantage over other players is pay-to-win. For example, an item sold in a cash shop that gives a player a 1% damage boost is not P2W. If the same item gave a player a 15% damage boost then we would call that P2W.

3. Do you have a list of other MMOs?
Internally, we curate a comprehensive range of lists that categorize MMOs but we only publish lists of MMOs that adhere to our listing policy. However, you can find a partial breakdown of MMO types on our MMO Tally page, which provides some insight into different categories of MMOs.

4. How do you define a Sandbox MMO?
A literal sandbox is a container filled with sand where you have the power to shape and mold the landscape. Similarly, a Sandbox MMO grants you the ability to make tangible alterations to the world, be it the terrain or the sky, within a non-instanced setting. In a simple example, this means you have the freedom to place housing as demonstrated by games like Star Wars Galaxies instead of being confined to pre-determined locations. In an extreme example, this could entail the ability to modify the actual terrain itself, whether it's removing a mountain, forging a road, or excavating a hole, as exemplified by Wurm Online. In both scenarios, these changes impart a lasting impact on the world, at least until another player comes along and reshapes your work.

5. Now that CCP (Eve Online) has received $40m to make a Web 3 MMO, will you reconsider your policy?
Our policy is strengthened by the fact that the $40 million investment was obtained because that funding was received before the concept of an MMO existed. This serves as a clear demonstration that blockchain MMOs are financial instruments disguised as games.