MMO Charts

World Size Comparisons

World size should be compared to travel speed and that is beyond the scope of this chart. For example, Asheron's Call (AC) resides on a map that is 500 square miles. The largest island in Wurm Online occupies 20 square miles. But walking speed in Wurm is much slower than in AC so the perceived size from within these two titles are nearly equal.

Space based MMOs are difficult to measure. For example, Star Citizen occupies a huge amount of space because it is comprised of the entire Solar System. But in reality you can travel to the outer edge in just around 20 minutes.

MMOs shown with 0 square miles are either games with unconfirmed or unreliable dimensions, or games that I have not yet researched enough to throw in a value.

Live Titles (in sq. miles)

Early Access Titles (in sq. miles)